"‘Twas the dawn of the first day of my dough baby’s life, and his request was clear…. "Feed me, Woman!” I have a little more time now to cook for others than I did then, but the goal is the same.  Make the most delicious food you can, with organic ingredients or from the best suppliers, travelling as few miles as possible.  Feeding those you love is the ultimate necessity and delight, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to create pastries for you and yours!"
                                                                -Kristine Miller

Kristine Miller- Owner/Pastry Chef

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Kristine got her start in baking and pastry in the kitchens of L’Etoile Restaurant and Café Soleil in 2009. She helped develop the opening pastry menu for Graze Restaurant in 2010, and went on to take over as Pastry Chef of L’Etoile.  After spending a few years solely focused on her amazing husband and son, she had the opportunity to start her own bakery, and suddenly a long-time dream was realized.  She is currently the Pastry Chef and Owner of Dough Baby Bakery in Madison, WI. 


Hannah Ancona- Pastry Sous Chef